Tuesday, 01 November 2011 20:48

Battery Recycling at MCS! Featured

Battery Recycling at MCS – Update

As of now we are restricted to recycling ONLY rechargeable batteries through MCS.
Any kind of rechargeables, from tools, toothbrushes, computers, etc. If it can be
recharged it can be recycled. There are no companies that will recycle single use
batteries free of charge. We tried a few of the companies last year and it was just
too expensive to continue mailing off the batteries. You CAN continue to drop off
your single use and rechargeable batteries at school. Please do not throw them in
the trash.

The rechargeable batteries will be taken to a recycling location and the single use
will be taken to the SLCounty Dump to be disposed of as household hazardous
waste. This is the best solution for MCS at the moment. At least we can keep the
single use batteries out of the landfill if we are not able to recycle them. If you would
like to recycle your single use batteries at home there are a few companies to choose
from if you do a simple search on the web for “recycle batteries”.
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