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MCS visits the "Adopt-A-Native-Elder" Rug Show, Deer Valley, Utah 2013

Posted by Britney Peterson
Britney Peterson
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on Wednesday, 04 December 2013
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“Weaving all begins with a string, and the string tells a story. For the base of the loom is the earth, and the crest of the loom is the Sky; and there is rain, sunlight, thunder, lightening and roots in between. With weaving, and with everything in our culture, there is a purpose.”

---Native Elder, Julius Chavez



Each year we have the opportunity to take a field trip to the Navajo Rug Show and visit with our Grandmother Elvira and other Native Elders.  It is our tradition to invite our 3rd year students in Early Childhood and Lower Elementary to join us on this occasion in honoring these special women and men. This is a wonderful event and tradition, hosted by the Deer Valley Resort in support of the “Adopt-A-Native-Elder” non-profit organization.

The purpose of this yearly event is to observe the traditions of our Native Elders, and to show support to our own Grandmothers as we join in the celebration of their traditional living and centuries-old skills.  Through storytelling and music, jewelry making, and of course, the extraordinary artistry that is weaving; together we can appreciate the truly remarkable traditions of our Native Elders.

As we entered the gallery, we began our journey together and found ourselves surrounded by rich colors and warm hearts.  While we took in the beauty of each hand-woven rug, we listened to the stories and legends of the Dine people and learned about their traditional way of life.  We heard songs from some of the attending Elders, and as we listened, another group of Elders showed us the steps that are taken to create a traditional rug.   It was truly an educational experience to witness first hand the life cycle of wool; as it is cut, carded and twisted into yarn, then dyed, and skillfully and artfully woven into a magnificent, authentic Navajo rug.

After the program, we went to visit with our own Grandmother Elvira.  Each year she makes the long journey from her home and family in Arizona to participate in all of the activities at the Deer Valley Rug show and a very important part of her time in Utah is the opportunity to visit with our MCS children.  Grandmother Elvira spoke to the children, and told them that they were her own Grandchildren.  She spoke to them in love, saying that she prays for each of them, that they will be healthy and grow big and be happy.  She then presented us with a gift of Cedar Beads, meant to protect us and create harmony with nature.  The children made a gift to her also, cards and drawings that we collected and presented in a large pink valentine.   She held it close to her heart, and gave her blessing to the children.  Grandmother Elvira and the other Native Elders have so much to teach us.  Through their stories, we can learn to be brave, to be passionate, to be grateful and to love.



It has been our opportunity as a school to support our Navajo Grandmothers by way of our annual food drive and proceeds from our Spring Fun-Run.  These donations go far in providing firewood throughout the winter, grocery certificates, and Walmart certificates that allow them to purchase basic necessities such as clothing and household items and even yarn for weaving beautiful rugs that are sold to provide further income.

We were so happy to visit with our Grandmother Elvira. Our students have created sent special cards and letters for our Grandmother Emma as well and they will be send to her, along with some gifts at Christmas time.

This year we have had to bid a loving farewell to our Grandmother Rosaline who died at the age of 94.  We think of her often and wish her family well.



As we return from a holiday marked by tradition and thanksgiving, we wanted to share our experience with all of our MCS families.   We are grateful for the opportunity to give, to love and appreciate, to teach our students and our children the importance of knowing the world’s people, the needs of others, and the importance of family.  In truth, we are all connected by the uniquely lived-in fibers of humanity.   We can grow as human beings, and we can cultivate the human spirit if we are able to identify with one another, share our gifts and love.

A special thanks to all of our parents, students, teachers and staff who made this field trip possible, and a great success.  In the words of Kindergartener, Carolyn Altman: “It was a hit!”

Written by: Kellie Gibson


Posted by Britney Peterson
Britney Peterson
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on Tuesday, 05 March 2013
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