Winter Sports

The Montessori Community School Annual Winter Sports Program is offered to our Lower and Upper Elementary Students and Third Year (Kindergarten) Early Childhood Students. For five Wednesdays, beginning in February and ending in March, participants can choose to either enroll in ski/snowboard lessons at Brighton Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon or ice skating at Gallivan Center and swimming at Fairmont Park Pool.

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Brighton’s Ski/Snowboard Program

Professional transportation (either a full size bus or van, depending on enrollment numbers) is arranged. Students will leave the school at approximately 12:00 pm and arrive at Brighton 12:45 pm for rental pickup and a 2.5 hour lesson. Students leave Brighton at 4:00 pm and return to school by 5:00 (times are approximate). Unless Big Cottonwood Canyon is closed, we will plan to ski/snowboard in all weather conditions. Snowboarding is for students 8 years and older (skiing is for ages 5 and up). Parents are be invited to sign up to chaperon. Registration forms are typically available in early December.



Ice Skating at the Gallivan Center and Swimming at the Fairmont Park Pool

Students typically leave school at 12:00 pm and return at 2:45 pm.  Swimmer



  • "We were very impressed with how much Zane improved with his skiing. He went from leaning on Dad’s legs at the rope-tow at Alta to skiing from the top of the mountain by himself at Brighton in five lessons. Putting him with a bunch of his peers and removing the “parent-factor- were the best things we did. Zane can’t wait to do it again this year.- -- Zane N. (Early Childhood)’s dad, John
  • "Over the five weeks of the program each of the skiers improved so much! I floated around with all the groups on the mountain and although there were moments of tears, fears and jeers the times of excitement, enjoyment and education far outweighed them." - Joshi Haskell - Middle School teacher & skiing chaperone
  • "My teacher, Noah, was very funny" - Sage N.
  • "It’s awesome!" - Nikoli I. - snowboarder - Upper Elementary
  • "The Winter Sports skiing days are a great opportunity for the kids of our school to learn to ski with the companionship of their friends and the support of the great instructors at Brighton. It’s easy to learn new things in a fun environment and that’s our goal for Winter Sports; to provide a great time and achieve new skills that make the kids proud of what they have learned." - Annie B.
  • "I want to go skiing again!" - Noah Sikorski - skier - Lower Elementary student
  • "I liked learning how to ski better and hanging out with my friends!" - Tyler Keirpiec - skier - Lower elementary studen